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One a evening after classes, my roommate Lindsay invited me for an off-campus party. This is where the campus hottie made moves on me and I just couldn’t turn her down.

Things between the hottie and I got heated quickly and we found ourselves in an intimate situation. This led to many more encounters although I knew we weren’t exclusive. He was a common face in both on-campus and out-campus parties which sometimes ended up with intimacy with several other ladies. It wasn’t long before I started experiencing weird symptoms. There were clusters of sores in my genital area that seemed to increase in number every day. They were painless so I didn’t pay much attention to them. Soon, they became itchy and inflamed which forced me to book an appointment at the local clinic.

I shared the news with my roommate and luckily, she ended up being of great help. She’s once had an experience with genital warts and sought help from a popular genital warts doctor in Newport Beach. She gave me his card and I immediately called to book an appointment.

After a series of tests, I was called back with the results which were positive for genital warts. The doctor noted of my distress and demystified the situation with clear and detailed info. I was curious and he explained the best that he could. I’ve never met a doctor so patient. He explained that genital warts are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus. He further explained that it is spread through sexual contact. My mind started racing trying to figure out whether I’d noticed any warts on the guys I’d been intimate with.

Dr. Lauber an HPV doctor holding a clip board
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Dr. Lauber quickly stated that it still was possible to spread this virus even if the warts weren’t visible. He further explained that genital warts cannot be spread through touching, kissing, hugging or sharing clothes.

This kind doctor made me feel safe and told me that the condition was curable. He chose topical treatment for me and after a few weeks, the warts were completely cleared and I was restored to good health. The treatment involved the daily application of cream on warts. The treatment period depends on the extent of the infection, spread, and location of warts.

This choice of treatment worked better for me since my warts were soft. The doctor explained that the treatment of genital warts could take months hence the need to be patient. During the treatment period, I was advised to avoid sex, perfumed soaps, and diaphragms.
For harder warts, the tissue on the warts is destroyed through freezing, heating or physical ablation.
Although it is possible to test positive for the human Papilloma Virus, it is not mandatory for the genital warts to appear. In this case, treatment is not necessary.

There are several forms of treatment so what works for one person may not necessarily work for you. It is best to have a doctor examine you in order to determine the best treatment for you.
In addition to this, the doctor advised that I could prevent genital warts in the future if I used condoms. An HPV vaccine is also an option though it is no longer given for free in some areas. It’s been a few years and the warts haven’t recurred.